Top Choice Italian in Tomsk

Marle Bua

For over 150 years this basement restaurant has been keeping the tummies of Tomsk full. In its latest incarnation it's an Italian restaurant and grill. As you'd expect from a place with such maturity, they know what…
Italian in Novosibirsk

Trattoria la Trenta

You could almost imagine this cute little trattoria has been magically transported straight from a honey-coloured Tuscany village to big old Novosibirsk. The walls are lined in paintings and dried pasta and there's …
Italian in Barnaul


Delicious risottos, pastas and meat and fish dishes are served up at this cosy restaurant that might be cheap, but doesn't skimp on food quality.
Italian in Omsk


Conveniently located near the River Station, Kolchok combines an Irish Pub and a restaurant under one roof. There's a decent beer selection including Leffe on tap, and a business lunch of Russian faves. Although the…
Italian in Tyumen


This humorously named restaurant and bar is popular for its business lunches and, in the evenings, with the young of Tyumen for its hookah pipes and laid-back vibe. The food, which can only vaguely be called Italian…