Top Choice Cafe in Tomsk

Coffee House Leto Café

One-half of a bright yellow building that also contains a decent sushi restaurant, Bamboo (Бамбук). Sunny and bright and features food with hard-to-get ingredients such as pumpkin, pesto and real feta cheese. Also d…
Top Choice Cafe in Novosibirsk


This upmarket stolovaya (canteen) is popular for a reason – hip and cool with groovy tunes and piping hot Russian staples like bliny (pancakes) and borsht at dirt-cheap prices. They even have beer on tap (from R80).
Top Choice Cafe in Gorno-Altaisk

Travellers Coffee

This blossoming travel-themed Siberian chain is a welcome addition to Gorno-Altaisk's staid food scene. Well-priced breakfasts, the best coffee in the republic, Russian staples and light bites.
Cafe in Tyumen

Malina Bar

Stylish Malina Bar has a huge menu of Russian and European food, sushi, filling breakfasts, fast wi-fi and cozy seating in grand leather couches. Upstairs is sister Italian restaurant-steak house Berlusconi.
Cafe in Tobolsk

Kofeynya u Ershova

An easy stop near the Kremlin for relatively quick and cheap Russian eats – think lunch standards such as bishteks (Russian-style hamburger), solyanka (pickled vegetables and potato soup) and stuffed bliny (pancacke…
Cafe in Barnaul

Krem Coffee Hall

This urbane cafe adjacent to the Hotel Sibir is the logical stop for a caffeinated, wi-fi-enabled morning or afternoon in range of the train station. With a huge cocktail list, it doubles as a trendy bar by night.
Cafe in Barnaul

Carte Blanche

Water pipes, cocktails, creative salads and grilled meat make this swanky bar-cum-restaurant popular with a young and lively crowd. Live music at weekends.
Cafe in Novosibirsk

People's Bar & Grill

Trendy sister restaurant to Friends Cocktail Bar, which is in the same building. Specializes in grilled meat.