Top Choice International in Omsk

Gollandskaya Chashka

Excellent northern European and Russian comfort food, elaborate salads, mulled wine, inviting decor, reasonable prices, fine city views – there's plenty to like about Chashka. Follow pr Marksa over the bridge and ta…
Top Choice Cafe in Novosibirsk


This upmarket stolovaya (canteen) is popular for a reason – hip and cool with groovy tunes and piping hot Russian staples like bliny (pancakes) and borsht at dirt-cheap prices. They even have beer on tap (from R80).
Top Choice Russian in Tyumen


This spacious place is a bit like a Soviet-themed beerhall. There are eight types of mostly unfiltered homebrew (from R135) and an extensive picture menu that includes traditional Russian fare, Bavarian sausages and…
Top Choice Russian in Tobolsk

Romanov Restaurant

Housed in Hotel Slavyanskaya, the Romanov restaurant features succulent 19th-century Russian dishes and is furnished with mock period furniture. Also has a family portrait of Russia’s last tsar and his family on the…
Top Choice Georgian in Omsk


This extremely friendly, spacious cellar restaurant serves fine Georgian food amid a setting of fake ponds and vibrant oil paintings. The khachapuri (bread baked with cheese filling; R140) and lobiyo (spicy red bean…
Top Choice Italian in Novosibirsk


If all the pelmeni (Russian-style ravioli) and pancakes are getting you down, visit Perchini. With a choice of seven freshly made pastas to choose from and a range of imaginative sauces, this simple yet effective re…
Top Choice Russian in Tomsk

Slavyansky Bazar

On the bank of the Tom River, Slavyansky Bazar is Tomsk's fanciest restaurant, housed in a 19th-century building. Penny pinchers can order from the pelmeni/varenyky menu or stop in for the business lunch. Chekhov at…
Top Choice Cafe in Tomsk

Coffee House Leto Café

One-half of a bright yellow building that also contains a decent sushi restaurant, Bamboo (Бамбук). Sunny and bright and features food with hard-to-get ingredients such as pumpkin, pesto and real feta cheese. Also d…
Top Choice Uzbek in Lake Manzherok

Chaynaya Sinyukha

The freshly prepared Uzbek cusine here is some of the best food in Altai, and well-worth stopping for if heading south on the Chuysky Trakt. The manti (Uzbek dumplings), dusted with paprika, is partiularly good, and…
Top Choice European in Novosibirsk

La Maison

In a beautiful former theatre dating to 1908, this is Novosibirsk's most sumptuous restaurant. The French- and Russian-leaning menu features quail, rabbit, rack of lamb and octopus along with upmarket versions of so…