Top Choice Museum in Novosibirsk

N.K. Rerikh Museum

This museum is dedicated to the works and life of the painter Nikolai Rerikh (Nicholas Roerick), beloved in these parts because of his life-long passion for Altai. While the many paintings on display are reproductio…
Top Choice Museum in Biysk

Regional Museum

Housed in a wonderfully dilapidated 1912 merchant’s house with original art nouveau fittings, this fine museum is home to standing stone idols, petroglyphs and a weathered old shaman's coat that locals consider luck…
Top Choice Geyser in Aktash

Geyser Lake

One of the more unusual sights along the Chusky Trakt is this sublime turquoise blue sulfur lake and geyser. This is no Yellowstone-style geyser erupting forth in drama, but is a subtle charmer. Indiscreet bubbles m…
Top Choice Museum in Gorno-Altaisk

A.V. Anokhin National Museum of Altai

This well-put-together museum offers a good introduction to Altai culture with a range of ethnographic exhibits, wildlife displays and local art and artefacts, including a room dedicated to the Altai landscape paint…
Top Choice Museum in Novosibirsk

Novosibirsk State History Museum

In an elegant mansion, the State History Museum has recently re-opened after renovations and is now by far the best museum in Novosibirsk. The well-thought-out collection traces the history of Siberia and Novosibirs…
Top Choice Museum in Barnaul

Altai Arts, Literature & Culture Museum

The impressively eclectic – not to mention good-value – Altai Arts, Literature & Culture Museum occupies a restored, furnished 1850s mansion. There are some fine icons, Rerikh sketches and a collection of Iron A…
Top Choice Church in Novosibirsk

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The 1898 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a red-brick Byzantine-style building with gilded domes and colourful murals.
Top Choice Museum in Barnaul

War History Museum

In an old brick house, the War History Museum is simple and all in Russian but the moving understatement of its Afghanistan and Chechnya memorials is particularly affecting.
Top Choice Historic Building in Tobolsk


The centrepiece of the tower-studded 18th-century kremlin is the glorious 1686 St Sofia Cathedral. Less eye-catching from the outside, but with splendid arched ceiling murals, is the 1746 Intercession Cathedral. Bet…
Top Choice Historic Site in Tomsk

Ploshchad Lenina

Central pl Lenina isn’t really a square so much as a jumbled collection of beautifully restored historic buildings interspersed with banal Soviet concrete lumps. The frustrated Lenin statue, now relegated to a traff…