Top Choice Museum in Tomsk

Oppression Museum

The gloomy basement of this former NKVD (proto-KGB) building is now a memorable Oppression Museum. Tours are recommended, but should be ordered in advance. Look out for the stunning Gulag map, the system of Soviet l…
Top Choice Museum in Barnaul

War History Museum

In an old brick house, the War History Museum is simple and all in Russian but the moving understatement of its Afghanistan and Chechnya memorials is particularly affecting.
Top Choice Museum in Barnaul

Altai Arts, Literature & Culture Museum

The impressively eclectic – not to mention good-value – Altai Arts, Literature & Culture Museum occupies a restored, furnished 1850s mansion. There are some fine icons, Rerikh sketches and an impressive WWII roo…
Top Choice Museum in Novosibirsk

State Art Museum

The highlight is the museum's collection of 65 original paintings by Nikolai Rerikh on the second floor, mostly mountainscapes from the celebrated drifter's time in the Himalayas. The second floor also has a room of…
Top Choice Monastery in Tyumen

Trinity Monastery

Riverside Trinity Monastery is undoubtedly Tyumen’s most appealing architectural complex. Its kremlin-style crenellated outer wall is pierced by a single gate tower. Behind, gold domes top the striking Troitsky Chur…
Top Choice Church in Novosibirsk

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The 1898 Alexander Nevsky Cathedral is a red-brick Byzantine-style building with gilded domes and colourful murals.
Top Choice Church in Barnaul

Pokrovsky Church

This bulbous-domed brick building is the most appealing of the city’s many churches and has a fine, gilded interior.
Top Choice Museum in Tobolsk

Deputy’s Palace Museum

Tobolsk's best museum occupies a beautiful 18th-century former administration on the southwestern edge of the Kremlin. The Romanovs called in here during their brief stint in Tobolsk in 1917, and a section of this r…
Top Choice Art Gallery in Tobolsk

Minsalim Folk Art

Minsalim is a master bone-carver who turns mammoth tusks and antler fragments into detailed figurines related to myths and legends of the local brand of shamanism. With a long mustache and flowing mane, eccentric Mi…
Top Choice Historic Building in Tobolsk


The centrepiece of the tower-studded 18th-century kremlin is the glorious 1686 St Sofia Cathedral. Less eye-catching from the outside, but with splendid arched ceiling murals, is the 1746 Intercession Cathedral. Bet…