Classical Music in Smolensk

Glinka Concert Hall

Attending a concert is the best way to get a look at the reconstructed hall where Mikhail Glinka once entertained Russian nobility and launched the history of secular classical music in Russia.
Theatre in Tula

Drama Theatre

The drama, dance and opera staged here are well produced.
Classical Music in Veliky Novgorod

Concert Hall

Veliky Novgorod’s Philharmonic Concert Hall often hosts live classical and popular music concerts; check the website for the schedule and ticket prices.
Theatre in Oryol

Turgenev Theatre

Hosts plays and concerts in a clever modernist building – the facade mimics the effect of a stage with the curtains drawn.
Theatre in Oryol

Teatr Russky Stil

A fun, small-scale, occasionally experimental theatre that presents mostly comedies.
Classical Music in Pskov

Pskov Region Philharmonia

Home of the city’s classical orchestra; visit the website for concert details.
Theatre in Voronezh

Opera & Ballet Theatre

Quality productions are mounted at this handsome classical-style theatre.