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Top Choice Russian in Voronezh

CoVok Sovetskoe Cafe

This nostalgic cafe recalls the days of the USSR, not with kitsch propaganda posters, but with cosy nooks, antiques, black-and-white TVs flickering on the walls and a witty menu highlighting the best of erstwhile So…
Top Choice Russian in Voronezh


Housed in a historic building, and done up like a wealthy merchant's home, Garmoshka is the fanciest night out in town. The atmospheric tone is traditional Russia, replete with antiques, a library filled with books …
International in Voronezh

DJA + Go

This chic wine bar and restaurant is located in a crumbling historic building. Big windows, high ceilings and an open kitchen set the mood for eyeballing the creatively presented dishes emerging from the kitchen. Th…