Checking flights...


From the bus station at pl Babushkina 10, next to the train station, a bus leaves at 8.10am six times a week to Petrozavodsk (R1130, 12½ hours, no buses on Tuesdays). There are up to four daily buses to Totma (R472, four hours), as well as six daily departures to Veliky Ustyug, with the most convenient (R1055) leaving at 9.20am and arriving at 6.40pm.


Around seven daily services run from Vologda's train station to Moscow (eight to nine hours), of which trains 115 and 117 (R1291), leaving on alternate days at 9.54pm, are the best-timed overnighters.

Three to four trains run overnight to St Petersburg (R1431, 11½ to 12½ hours).

There are four daily trains to Arkhangelsk, the most convenient overnighter being train 16 (R1028) leaving at 6.45pm. Train 374 to Murmansk (R1767, 37 hours) leaves at 2.40pm on odd-numbered dates of the month. Arkhangelsk- and Murmansk-bound trains stop at Nyandoma (for Kargopol).