Top Choice Church in Vologda

St Sofia’s Cathedral

Powerful five-domed St Sofia’s Cathedral has a soaring interior smothered with beautiful 1680s frescoes. The astonishingly tall iconostasis is filled with darkly brooding saintly portraiture.The massive stone cathed…
Top Choice Church in Kargopol

Nativity Cathedral

The five-domed, 1562 star of Sobornaya Ploschad sports intriguing timber-encased corner buttresses and houses a splendid iconostasis on the 1st floor (only open in summer). On a pillar, the superb Starshni Sud (Judg…
Top Choice Historic Site in Vologda


Vologda’s multi-domed, attractive kremlin is the city’s historical centrepiece, a 17th-century fortified enclosure built as a church administrative centre to accompany St Sofia’s Cathedral next door. Peeking into th…
Historic Building in Vologda

Bell Tower

Climbing the 288 steps of St Sofia’s Cathedral's separate 78.5m-high, gold-topped bell tower offers breathtaking views down upon the cathedral’s grand onion domes. Mind your own dome on the way up: the ceilings were…
Church in Vologda

Resurrection Cathedral

Just outside the kremlin enclosure, the amply domed 1776 Resurrection Cathedral adds photogenic foreground to kremlin views. It also houses an art gallery of regularly changing exhibits.
Museum in Vologda

World of Forgotten Things

One of several enchanting old wooden buildings at the eastern end of ul Leningradskaya, this little museum evokes the life of a 19th-century, 17-child middle-class family. Amid portraits of bewigged children and arm…
Museum in Totma

Seafarers’ Museum

Located within the stop-you-in-your-tracks-striking Church of the Entry into Jerusalem, this museum highlights Totma’s unlikely contributions to marine exploration (one-fifth of all Russian mid-18th-century expediti…
Museum in Totma

Kuskov Museum

Beyond the beautifully proportioned Church of the Nativity of Christ (Церковь Рождества Христова) and just off ul Lenina, this small log house is the birthplace of Ivan Kuskov (1765–1823), a wooden-legged explorer o…
Church in Kargopol

Zosimy & Savvatiya Church

At the southwestern end of town, this 1819 church has a small collection of local crafts, costumes and icons, plus Saturday recitals.
Museum in Kargopol


Bereginya displays and sells a range of folk crafts and organises all manner of masterclasses – from making clay toys to traditional weaving.