Airport in Kazan

Kazan International Airport

Kazan International Airport, located 30km south of the city, has good connections to the rest of Russia, including direct flights to Moscow and St Petersburg. There are also useful connections to select cities in...

Airport in Samara

Kurumoch International Airport

Samara's Kurumoch International Airport is located 35km north of the city and is the region's busiest. It offers regular flights throughout Russia, Central Asia and Europe (Prague, Barcelona and Helsinki). A...

Airport in Nizhny Novgorod

Nizhny Novgorod International Airport

The city's international airport is 15km southwest of the city centre. The airport has several flights daily to Moscow and a handful of flights to other large cities around Russia, including to Kazan. To get to...

Boat in Saratov


Sells cruises in the navigation season to destinations along the Volga, such as Astrakhan (return from R15,000, five days) and Samara (return from R8000, three days), as well as longer trips to Moscow and St...

Bus in Kazan

Kazansky Avtovokzal

Kazansky Avtovokzal is located near the river station, about 2km south of the centre. Most long-distance destinations depart from here, including those for Ulyanovsk (R600, five hours, six daily) and Samara...

Bus in Volgograd

Central Bus Station

Volgograd's surprisingly small bus station is located behind the train station. Follow Komsomolskaya ul over the railway tracks to near the entrance to the bus station. There's a bus timetable posted outside. Buy...

Bus in Ulyanovsk

Central Bus Station

Ulyanovsk's decrepit bus station is 5km west of the centre. There are ticket offices and a large wall-mounted timetable. The bus station is reachable via trams 1, 10 and 15 as well as marshrutka 43. A taxi to the...

Airport in Astrakhan

Narimanovo Airport

Astrakhan's small airport is about 10km south of the centre and accessible by marshrutka 5. Allow at least 30 minutes for the journey from the centre. A taxi from the airport to the centre will cost R400.

Airport in Volgograd

Volgograd International Airport

Situated 15km north of the city. Accessible from the centre, from a stop near alleya Geroyev, via minibus 6E. Decent daily connections to Moscow and a handful of flights weekly to destinations in Turkey.

Tickets in Volgograd

TAVS Volga

Friendly, handy travel agency that can arrange air, train and bus tickets, including bus travel to Elista. Find the entrance on Prospekt Lenina.

Bus in Kazan

Yuzhny Avtovokzal

The Yuzhny (South) Avtovokzal is located up to an hour away (allowing for traffic jams) from pl Tukaya by bus 37. This station serves Bolgar.

Ferry in Astrakhan

River Station

Astrakhan is the end point of cruises on the Volga. There are no regular passenger boats to the other Caspian Sea ports.

Train Station in Samara

Railway Station

Samara's modern railway station is conveniently situated in the centre of the city, about 2km east of the riverfront.

Tour Company in Nizhny Novgorod

VIP Travel

Can help book air or rail tickets as well as plan excursions to nearby sights or around Russia.

Tickets in Kazan


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