Top Choice Russian in Nizhny Novgorod

Restoratsia Pyatkin

Pyatkin makes you feel like a merchant back in his mansion after a great trading day at the fair. The menu is full of Volga fish specialities; it brews the unusual apple kvas (fermented rye bread water) for R65 and …
Top Choice Russian in Samara


This funky restaurant re-creates the golden age of the Russian culinary arts in the early 20th century. Creative dishes are complemented by homemade kvas and freshly produced cranberry mors (fruit drink).
Top Choice Russian in Samara

Staraya Kvartira

The ‘Old Flat’ is a rabbit warren of rooms accessed via the souvenir shop (downstairs from Samara Intour). The food is excellent, especially the lamb casserole (razboynichye zharkoye) with eggplant, garlic and peppe…
Russian in Samara


This is a good-value chain restaurant with rustic decor.
Russian in Saratov


This is a quintessential Saratovian cafe-restaurant themed on ‘Red Count’ Alexey Tolstoy’s version of Pinocchio. Beneath it, there is a basement cafe called Grass, decorated in green and with rural motifs.
Russian in Saratov

House of Culinary Zhulien

This cafeteria with loud colours sells inexpensive and decent ready-made dishes mostly by weight. Bakery Confectionist Zhulien sells Russian pastries that you can eat at stand-up tables on the premises.
Russian in Volgograd

Grand Café

Situated on the ground floor of Hotel Volgograd, this is the city’s most popular spot to sip a cappuccino and scope out the scene. Part of the premises is a pizzeria open from noon to 1am daily.
Russian in Astrakhan

Cafe Izba

Decorated in the style of a Russian cottage, Izba is one of Astrakhan's best traditonal restaurants, serving well-prepared classic cuisine popular with local office workers.
Russian in Samara

U Palycha

Highly recommended for its Russian cuisine, including its pelmeni (Russian-style ravioli). There’s live Russian folk music most nights.