Best restaurants in Volga Region

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Kazan

    Tatarskaya Usadba

    The 'Tatar Farmstead' is located adjacent to the Old Tatar Settlement and plays on traditional themes, both in the restaurant's decor and menu. There's a full range of Tatar classics, including several dishes with horsemeat and lamb, as well as hearty soups and stews, other mains and desserts. Good selection of Tatar pastries as well, including crunchy chak chak.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Astrakhan


    This is the ideal spot to sample the diverse cuisines of the Caspian Sea region. Choose from traditional Azeri, Persian, Kazakh and Russian dishes, starting off with a 'Tsar's fish soup', then dabbling with baked lamb or sturgeon steak, served on a bed of pomegranate seeds, and finishing up with baklava. The cosy setting has a Central Asian vibe.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Nizhny Novgorod

    Restoratsia Pyatkin

    Pyatkin makes you feel like a merchant back in his mansion after a great trading day at the fair. The menu is full of Volga fish specialities; it brews the unusual apple kvas (fermented rye bread water) for R75 and has a children’s menu.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Volgograd


    This centrally located upscale cafe is an ideal choice for lunch or dinner. Wood-fired pizzas, gourmet salads and a long list of soups as well as meat and fish dishes. Enjoy homemade cakes and ice cream for dessert, and the coffee is good as well.

  • Restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod


    This literary cafe with antique furnishings, stucco ceiling and the feel of a living room is part of a Nizhny Novgorod project called ‘Eda i Kultura’ (Food and Culture), which brings food and culture together into a delicious whole. The menu is overflowing with salads, pastas and fish, poultry and red-meat dishes, and is augmented by good breakfasts.

  • Restaurants in Kazan

    Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii

    The hushed, overly formal setting and mandatory coat check lend a faint whiff of tourist trap, but don't let that dissuade you. The menu is filled with Tatar specialities, such as (better than it sounds) stewed horsemeat and vegetables, you might not find elsewhere. Prices are hefty, but the quality is high too and the service faultless.

  • Restaurants in Astrakhan


    This hipster-inspired coffee and sandwich spot is an ideal quick lunch option, and just a short walk from the main entrance to the kremlin. Choose from a long list of creative salad and sandwich combinations and enjoy an AeroPress coffee and cherry cobbler afterward.

  • Restaurants in Kazan


    Fusion food done very well as standard European meals are reinvented with aromatic fruits and local spices – think Italian mozzarella salad with persimmon. The setting is upscale, though not overly formal. Book ahead.

  • Restaurants in Volgograd

    Bar & Grill

    Cosy, welcoming steakhouse, situated at the front of a theatre building on central pl Pavshikh Bortsov. Choose from a mouthwatering list of grilled steaks and seafood. In addition to expensive cuts of beef, there are cheaper offerings of grilled chicken and pork. The setting is romantic dark woods, though in summer there's a small outdoor terrace.

  • Restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod


    Just what Nizhny Novgorod needed to pull it into the 21st century: a trendy, artisanal burger bar that's a nice break from Russian sit-down meals. Get in line with everyone else, order at the counter, grab a seat on the terrace and wait for your number to be called. Classic hamburgers, along with vegetarian and vegan options. Excellent chips.

  • Restaurants in Kazan

    Priyut Kholostyaka

    ‘Bachelor’s Shelter’ is a spotlessly white oasis of style with surrealist glass painting and coat hangers shaped like wild garlic flowers. International food, including the inevitable sushi, is on the menu, and it serves the best latte this side of the Volga. The restaurant is below ground, and there's a shisha bar on the ground floor.

  • Restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod


    Upstairs from the Dirizhabl bookshop with generic but tasty Italian dishes in an informal, quirky atmosphere. There's a nice range of salads and pastas, with a special selection of summertime cocktails. The cosy interior is meant to recall – not surprisingly, given the location – a bookshop.

  • Restaurants in Kazan

    Kazan Askhane-Chai Yorty

    This central, self-serve canteen offers both delicious Russian and Tatar foods at reasonable prices, and is a perfect lunch or quick-bite option. Go for stewed chicken, paired with buckwheat groats for the main, a Tatar savoury pastry as a side and a cake with tea for dessert.

  • Restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod


    This one-trick pony does its one thing exceedingly well: making fresh-baked pastries that are stuffed with meat, mushrooms or fruit. Make your selection at the counter and carry your pie and cup of tea to your table. Perfect for lunch or a snack.

  • Restaurants in Volgograd


    This large, bustling Italian place has neorustic decor and a large menu offering straight-up-and-down Italian pizza, pasta and meat dishes complemented by salads. Ul Gagarina is about five blocks north of Komsomolskaya ul along pr Lenina.

  • Restaurants in Astrakhan

    Beer House

    The inauspicious entrance gives way to the convivial, neorustic ‘Beer House’ pub upstairs that serves a competent range of salads and hot snacks (including light seafood dishes), as well as more substantial steaks and sausage dishes.

  • Restaurants in Astrakhan

    Beer Academy

    Among the pubs in Astrakhan, this one generally serves the best food, with an extensive menu that spans Russian Volga classics such as fish, pub classics like sausages, and steak. It also has a great selection of draught beers.

  • Restaurants in Volgograd

    Grand Café

    Situated on the ground floor of Hotel Volgograd, this is the city’s most popular spot to sip a cappuccino and scope out the scene. Part of the premises is a pizzeria open from noon to 1am daily.

  • Restaurants in Kazan


    One of Kazan's longest-running Italian restaurants is also one of the best, and close to the kremlin if you feel like a formal meal between sights or in the evening. Dress quite well for this.

  • Restaurants in Nizhny Novgorod


    This upmarket all-rounder is a restaurant during the day and evening, a cafe at any time, and has well-known DJs some nights. The views across the Volga to the forest are spectacular.