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Moscow is, no doubt, the most beatiful city in Russia (in our humble opinion), but you will hardly feel the spirit of ancient Russia in a megapolis. We offer you to see two cities of the Golden Ring of Russia – Suzdal and Vladimir to visit their most prominent sights and enjoy beautiful Russian nature.Description:A tour across some of the oldest Russian cities. Their main gems are ancient temples: history of icon-painting, picturesque mosaics, high white walls and colorful domes, atmosphere of peace and conciliation, enjoy the sounds of church bells and panoramic views of Russian nature. You’ll also visit the museum of wood architecture where you can see how peasants lived. At the end you’ll have a chance to taste Russian traditional alcoholic honey drink «Medovuha»What’s in store for you:Vladimir and Suzdal cities and their sights;Pokrova on Nerl church;Museum of wood architecture;«Medovuha» drink.
1 day
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Towns of the Golden Ring of Russia. One Day Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal by train

We cover two best town of the Golden Ring of Russia in one day by express high speed train. We have planed our tour for you to see as much as possible of historical sights in one day and explore how locals live in Russian town outside Moscow and taste local food and locally made beverages.
15 hours
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Vladimir and Suzdal (2 days)

Vladimir and Suzdal are the most famous destinations on the Golden Ring route and need no introduction. Their unique medieval monuments of Russian architecture are thoroughly covered by all major guidebooks. Vladimir and Suzdal usually go hand in hand because of close proximity and Suzdal’s transport dependence on Vladimir. There is no way you can do both in one day unless you’re on a whistle-stop tour. So plan at least two days or skip one of them. I advise you to avoid 'one-day tours' as it will be exausting (at least 9-10 hours in a car/bus) and you'll see very little. If you have just one day, go to Vladimir by train. I offer a two-day trip with a nigth in Suzdal. Explore all the attractions, have a leisurely meal and just enjoy yourself without any rush. I'm not a licensed guide but I'll give you all the necessary information, plus you're free to use a tablet with guidebooks and internet access. My vehicle is a Subaru Outback suitable for 3-4 passengers.
2 days
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Tour to Suzdal and Vladimir, Gem of the Russian Golden Ring

Dear Traveller!I invite you to plunge into medieval history of Moscow state, beauty of Russian nature and amazing views of countryside.On this tour we will visit the gem of Russian tourist market Suzdal and Vladimir.After exploring Suzdal`s picturesque attractions we are driving to ( once upone a time) residence of Andrey Godlover, Russian ruller of 12 century.Church on the river Nerl is one of the main landmarks of our counry and this I would call it as "Must See!"Our last stop in 12-13 Century former capital of Nothern-Eastern Russian lands - Vladimir city.The city view from the (first - original) Assumption cathedral gives you clear perception of how a Russian capital could be look like!I wormly welcome you to spend a day out of ,Moscow rush, on the Suzdal - Vladimir tour!
14 hours
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Trip to Vladimir and Suzdal from Moscow

Dive into Russia’s past: visit two Golden Ring towns Suzdal and Vladimir in one day and feel the atmosphere of the Russian Middle Ages.
12 hours
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Vladimir_Bogolubovo_Suzdal Tour with Private Guide

One-day personal tour with an acknowledged guide to the cities of the Golden Ring - Vladimir, Suzdal and Bogolyubov is an excellent chance to tour the ancient centers of Russian culture that keep a significant place in the history of the development of the country's architecture. You will observe a full variety of great religious and public buildings from the 12th and 13th centuries.
11 hours
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Vladimir City Tour with Private Guide

A private tour with an acknowledged guide in Vladimir is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the history of Vladimir, to see the incomparable architectural monuments of the 12th century, including the great cathedrals, as well as the most famous Golden Gates. You will walk along the large streets and winding lanes, appreciating the wonderful scenes.
4 hours