Valaam attractions

Monastery in Valaam

Transfiguration Monastery

Souvenir stalls line the short road that leads, via short-cut steps, up to Valaam’s main attraction. The monastery is radiant in gleaming white and sky-blue, topped with red crosses. With a sturdy spire and five dom…
Area in Valaam

Nikonovskaya Area

One of the few parts of the island that's easily accessible on foot from the monastery is the forested Nikonovskaya area, dotted with chapels and sketes.Amid trees directly above the Nikonovskaya jetty, the modest r…
Monastery in Valaam

Nikolski Skete

For a great picnic site, stroll about 20 minutes north of the Transfiguration Monastery to the quaint, heptagonal bell tower of Nikolski Skete.