Supermarket in Ulan-Ude

Sputnik Supermarket

A convenient but pricey supermarket stocking foreign groceries.
Mongolian in Ulan-Ude

Modern Nomads

Clean-cut and very popular Mongolian place, good for a quick snack and a beer or for a full-blown dinner splurge costing thousands. Meat features heavily on the menu, but there are many veggie-friendly salads and ot…
Buryat in Ulan-Ude

Baatarai Urgöö

This yurt complex in the Verkhnyaya Berezovka suburb is a great lunch spot after a visit to the Ethnographical Museum. Take a seat in the main tent and give your taste buds the Buryat treatment in the form of buuzy …
Italian in Ulan-Ude

Viva Italia

An 1980s Italian pop soundtrack, a long, ambitious and slightly overpriced menu of Appenine fare (stick to the pizzas), a European-style lounge and almost every tipple known to Homo-alcoholus – if you must go Italia…
Canteen in Ulan-Ude


Join the local office worker lunch crush at this self-service canteen and buuzy-free zone where the Russian comfort food is piled high by gruff Buryat servers. Put together a three-course meal for less than R200 and…
Uzbek in Ulan-Ude

Chay Khana

This high-perched Uzbek restaurant has a triangular cushion-scattered dining space cushions, trendy oriental fabrics and a menu of exotic plov, grilled meats and imaginative salads. But it’s the spectacular views of…
Buryat in Ulan-Ude

Shene Buuza

Squeaky-clean, 21st-century version of the traditional Buryat buuznaya (dumpling canteen). The decor might be shiny and plastic but the menu of Buryat comfort food is as traditional and cheap as every other buuznaya…
Fast Food in Ulan-Ude

Golden Bird

Lurid, loud self-service canteen with precisely weighed rations of standard Russian comfort food served on plastic plates and swilled down with Slovak lager.
International in Ulan-Ude

Eco Café

Fancifully claiming the city has ‘tired of heavy food’, the folks behind this subterranean, but bright café opposite the UU’s drama theatre go against the Buryat grain with light vegetarian and meat dishes, all made…