Top things to do in Tuva

Top Choice Museum in Kyzyl

National Museum

One of Tuva’s ‘must sees’, the National Museum’s huge modern home contains the usual arrangements of stuffed animals, WWII artefacts and dusty minerals, as well as more impressive halls dedicated to shamanism, Buddh…
Arts Centre in Kyzyl

Centre for Tuvan Culture

The attractive two-storey timber building of the Centre for Tuvan Culture was founded in 2012 by legendary Tuvan musician Kongar-ol Ondar, who was its first director until his untimely death in 2013. The government-…
Cultural in Kyzyl


Tuva’s most dramatic festival is Naadym, usually held in and around Kyzyl in the summer months. Vastly less touristy than the Mongolian equivalent, Naadym is a good opportunity to hear khöömei concerts, watch horse …
Live Music in Kyzyl

Tuvan National Orchestra

The Tuvan National Orchestra has a large studio within the Centre for Tuvan Culture – between 10am and 2pm most weekdays tourists are welcome to sit in on their rehearsal sessions.
Cultural in Tuva


Tuvan New Year (February) is the biggest festival of the year, with sangalyr (purification ceremonies), including a huge spring cleaning, gift giving, visits to relatives and temple rituals.
Music in Tuva

Ustuu Khuree

Large world-music festival held in and around the Ustuu Khuree temple near Chadan in western Tuva.
Archaeological Site in Tuva

Valley of the Kings

This broad grassy vale begins a few kilometres beyond a turning off the M54 highway north of Turan. It’s famous in archaeological circles for its pancake-shaped Scythian kurgany (burial mounds) named after the villa…
Monument in Kyzyl

Centre of Asia Monument

If you take a map of the world, cut out Asia and balance the continent on a pin, the centre of gravity would be Kyzyl. Well, only if you’ve used the utterly obscure Gall’s stereographic projection. However, that doe…
Cultural in Tuva

Khöömei Symposium

An erratically held, though possibly now-annual event for enthusiasts, anthropologists and musicologists (and anyone else interested) including lectures, talks, demonstrations, competitions and performances, all wit…
Theatre in Kyzyl

National Theatre

This Tibetan-styled white building with oriental wooden flourishes is the city’s most architecturally distinctive structure.