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Top Choice Museum in Kyzyl

National Museum

One of Tuva’s ‘must sees’, the National Museum’s huge modern home contains the usual arrangements of stuffed animals, WWII artefacts and dusty minerals, as well as more impressive halls dedicated to shamanism, Buddh…
Museum in Kyzyl

Museum of Oppression

The tiny and obviously underfunded Museum of Oppression has touching dog-eared photographs of those who disappeared in the Stalin years. Across the grass is the chest-puffing statue of a Nepokorenny (‘undefeated’) A…
Fast Food in Kyzyl


Perched above a supermarket of the same name, Kyzyl’s best cheap eat is a plasticky no-frills self-service cafeteria where cash-strapped students and office workers fill up for a few roubles on generous platefuls of…
Cafe in Kyzyl

Coffee Man

Once the place to get a cuppa Joe in Kyzyl, Coffee Man is now just another cafe, but one with filling pancakes and an English menu.
Museum in Ak-Dovurak & Kyzyl-Mazhalyk

Regional Museum

Cafe in Kyzyl to Ak-Dovurak

Kafe Aziya

Music in Tuva

Ustuu Khuree

Large world music festival held in and around the Ustuu Khuree temple near Chadan in Western Tuva.
Cultural in Tuva


Tuvan New Year (February) is the biggest festival of the year, with sangalyr (purification ceremonies), including a huge spring cleaning, gift giving, visits to relatives and temple rituals.
Cultural in Tuva

Khöömei Symposium

An erratically held, though possibly now annual event for enthusiasts, anthropologists and musicologists (and anyone else interested) including lectures, talks, demonstrations, competitions and performances, all wit…
Canteen in Kyzyl

Snack Time

Run by an English-speaking Tuvan this diminutive, brightly hued Russian-style stolovaya dishes up tasty pancakes, soups and meatballs as well as some Western additions such as burgers and fries. Located in the rapid…