Cultural in Kyzyl


Tuva’s most dramatic festival is Naadym, usually held in and around Kyzyl in the summer months. Vastly less touristy than the Mongolian equivalent, Naadym is a good opportunity to hear khöömei concerts, watch horse …
Cultural in Tuva


Tuvan New Year (February) is the biggest festival of the year, with sangalyr (purification ceremonies), including a huge spring cleaning, gift giving, visits to relatives and temple rituals.
Music in Tuva

Ustuu Khuree

Large world-music festival held in and around the Ustuu Khuree temple near Chadan in western Tuva.
Cultural in Tuva

Khöömei Symposium

An erratically held, though possibly now-annual event for enthusiasts, anthropologists and musicologists (and anyone else interested) including lectures, talks, demonstrations, competitions and performances, all wit…