Monastery in Torzhok

Borisoglebsky Monastery

The oldest monastery complex in Tver Oblast still bustles with religious activity; visitors and pilgrims are welcome. The adjoining museum has exhibits on the history of the monastery and Torzhok. You can climb...

Museum in Torzhok

All-Russian Museum of History and Ethnography

Worthwhile museum covering the history of the region with some great dioramas of a living room and a picnic in a forest. Other displays include frescoes, religious relics and archaeological finds from the Upper...

Museum in Torzhok

Goldwork Embroidery Museum and Factory

Torzhok is famous for its stunning gold-wire embroidery, found in artwork, insignia and royal clothing. There are exquisite displays at this museum, including Russian fashion over the years and embroidery of...

Museum in Torzhok

AS Pushkin Museum

Housed in a grey-painted 18th-century wooden building, this museum contains various exhibits relating to Russia's ubiquitous Pushkin. On display you'll find antique furniture, clothing, books, doodles by the...

Church in Torzhok

Archangel Michael

Perched on a hill near the Borisoglebsky Monastery, this sky-blue-domed beauty has a stunningly decorated interior.