Top Choice Spectator Sport in Tomsk

Tom Tomsk FC

Trud Stadium is the home of Siberia’s top football club. Since 2004 Tom Tomsk has spent most years in the Russian Premier League, making it Europe's most easterly top-flight football club. Unfortunately the team was…
Classical Music in Tomsk

Organ Hall

Beautiful organ concerts are held several times a month upstairs in the Atashev Palace. The acoustics are brilliant.
Theatre in Tomsk

Drama Theatre

In a huge ugly slab of concrete on pl Lenina.
Puppet Theatre in Tomsk

Human Puppets Theatre 2+ku

Housed in a quaint log cabin near the WWII memorial (take ul Savinikh all the way down until you can’t go any further), this one-man, homey ‘robotic puppet’ theatre is a real experience, and one you don’t need to un…
Concert Venue in Tomsk


Classical music and great big-band jazz. Hosts the Tomsk International Jazz Festival in the first week in June.
Theatre in Tomsk

Aelita Theatre

Eclectic offerings from rock concerts to Indian dance to experimental plays.
Stadium in Tomsk

Trud Stadium

Home stadium of local football side Tom Tomsk.