Top Choice Historic Site in Tomsk

Ploshchad Lenina

Central pl Lenina isn’t really a square so much as a jumbled collection of beautifully restored historic buildings interspersed with banal Soviet concrete lumps. The frustrated Lenin statue, now relegated to a traff…
Top Choice Historic Site in Tomsk

Resurrection Hill

This was the location of Tomsk’s original fortress, and the replica of its central wooden 'spasskaya bashnya' (savior's tower) that stands on it today was built in 2004 for the city’s 400th anniversary celebrations.…
Top Choice Museum in Tomsk

Oppression Museum

The gloomy basement of this former NKVD (proto-KGB) building is now a memorable Oppression Museum. Tours are recommended, but should be ordered in advance. Look out for the stunning Gulag map, the system of Soviet l…
Museum in Tomsk

History of Tomsk Museum

Up on Resurrection Hill, this museum's moderately interesting collection of old artefacts and clothing is well-presented, with placards in English. Climb the observation tower (admission R43) and try to spot Tomsk's…
Museum in Tomsk

Regional Museum

Housed in the splendid Atashev Palace, this modest museum has a 2500-yr-old bear amulet and an interesting exhibit on the Great Tea Trail. But it's the building, commissioned in 1842 by the gold-mining entrepreneur …
Museum in Tomsk

Tomsk Art Museum

Well worth popping into for its wide range of permanent and temporary exhibits. The highlight is the collection of 19th- and early 20th-century Russian art, and there's a small exhibit of 12th- to 13th-century relig…
Church in Tomsk

Iverskaya Chapel

Topped with a golden angel, in a second circle beside Lenin, is the recently rebuilt Iverskaya Chapel whose celebrated icon is dubbed ‘Tomsk’s Spiritual Gateway’.
Historic Building in Tomsk


The classically colonnaded main buildings of the university lie in resplendently leafy grounds, giving Tomsk the sobriquet ‘Oxford of Siberia’. There’s not much open to the public, but there’s nothing to stop you ta…
Monument in Tomsk

WWII Memorial

A Tomsk landmark, this moving mother-and-son monument is at the very southern end of pr Lenina. The beautiful birch tree park (Лагерный сад) here is a local favourite for strolls, not least for its fine views across…
Monument in Tomsk

Lenin Statue

This frustrated Lenin statue, now relegated to a traffic circle, points at the ugly concrete of the Tomsk Drama Theatre, apparently demanding ‘build more like that one’.