Top Choice Historic Building in Tobolsk


The centrepiece of the tower-studded 18th-century kremlin is the glorious 1686 St Sofia Cathedral. Less eye-catching from the outside, but with splendid arched ceiling murals, is the 1746 Intercession Cathedral. Bet…
Top Choice Museum in Tobolsk

Deputy’s Palace Museum

Tobolsk's best museum occupies a beautiful 18th-century former administration on the southwestern edge of the Kremlin. The Romanovs called in here during their brief stint in Tobolsk in 1917, and a section of this r…
Top Choice Gallery in Tobolsk

Minsalim Folk Art

Minsalim is a master bone-carver who turns mammoth tusks and antler fragments into detailed figurines related to myths and legends of the local brand of shamanism. With a long mustache and flowing mane, eccentric Mi…
Museum in Tobolsk

Castle Prison Museum

At the eerie 1855 Tyuremny Zamokyou can get a sense of the grim life behind bars in both Tsarist and Soviet times. The Tsarist exiles were temporarily incarcerated here awaiting a final destination for their banishm…
Museum in Tobolsk

Gubernsky Museum

Built in 1887 for the 300th anniversary of the founding of Tobolsk, the Gubernsky Museum has displays on the history of Tobolsk, a mammoth skeleton and a display of bone carvings.
Landmark in Tobolsk

Bell Tower

This bell tower was built in 1799 for the Uglich bell, which famously signalled a revolt against Tsar Boris Godunov. The revolt failed; in a mad fury, Godunov ordered the bell to be publicly flogged, detongued and b…
Historic Building in Tobolsk

Tobolsk Rayon Administration Building

Less eye-catching than the Kornilov Mansion opposite, the Tobolsk Rayon Administration Building was the home-in-exile of the last tsar, before his fateful journey to execution in Yekaterinburg. It's now a museum of …
Church in Tobolsk

Archangel Mikhail Church

The attractive Archangel Mikhail Church has a colourfully restored interior. The character of Tatiana Larina in Pushkin’s epic Eugene Onegin is said to have been modelled on Natalya Fonvizina, a Decembrist wife who …
Museum in Tobolsk

Kornilov Mansion

The grand Kornilov mansion, named after a 19th-century statesman and philanthropist, is closed while being converted into a museum dedicated to the Romanovs, but is still worth a look for its lavish exterior.
Landmark in Tobolsk

Pryamskoy Vzvoz

Wooden stairs lead beneath the kremlin’s Pryamskoy Vzvoz (gatehouse) to the wonderfully dilapidated old town full of weather-beaten churches and angled wooden homes sinking between muddy lanes.