Top Choice Russian in Chelyabinsk

Uralskiye Pelmeni

When Russians first crossed the Urals, they were a tribe of porridge-eaters, but through the encounter with Asian tribes they found something that changed their cuisine forever – pelmeni (Russian-style ravioli). Thi…
Top Choice Uzbek in Yekaterinburg


Yekaterinburg has several of these inexpensive Uzbek restaurants, all with young staff attired in Uzbek caps serving delicious Uzbek specialities. Manti (steamed, palm-sized dumplings), soups, sausages and shashlyk …
Top Choice Balkan in Perm

Grill Taverna Montenegro

The trompe l’œil village fresco downstairs, upstairs pseudo-portico and outdoor terrace lend nice touches to this excellent restaurant. The Kalmyk lamb kebab is superbly grilled.
International in Ufa


Ufa's hippest location for dinner, drink or a hookah is located outside the centre on pl Lenina, near the Hotel Azimut. The food is excellent and served in well-sized portions. Take buses or marshrutky 226, 249 or 2…
Cafe in Ufa


This branch of the Pyshka chain serves classic Bashkir dishes such as belish (meat pie) and tukmas (chicken broth). Also try one of the pastries from the bakery section. Take any bus or marshrutka from the centre to…
International in Yekaterinburg

Thank God It's Friday

'TGIF' is loud and boisterous, has staff who introduce themselves by name before they take your order, and kitsch decoration many will know from other branches. The food's capably prepared but it's the atmosphere th…
Georgian in Perm


This excellent Georgian restaurant makes good use of chilli in its dishes, including the excellent Tbilisi salad, a borsch with a chilli edge, and a good variety of shashlyk (meat kebab), served in a lavish but home…
Russian in Perm


This restaurant for the well heeled and the literary inclined is actually two in one. Pasternak downstairs has a lounge-like, postmodernist cafe feel, while Zhivago upstairs is a fully fledged upmarket restaurant.
Cafe in Yekaterinburg


Stolle specialises in sweet and savoury Russian pirozhki (pies), which you can buy by weight at the counter for take-away or enjoy here in a relaxed atmosphere to the gentle twinkling of jazz music.
International in Yekaterinburg


Located on the 51st floor of the Vysotsky tower, Vertikal offers a formal, upmarket experience of pan-European dishes and some steaks, and it's trump card: sensational views over town. Reserve ahead.