The Urals restaurants

Top Choice Russian in Chelyabinsk

Uralskiye Pelmeni

When Russians first crossed the Urals, they were a tribe of porridge-eaters, but through the encounter with Asian tribes they found something that changed their cuisine forever – pelmeni (Russian-style ravioli). Thi…
Top Choice Russian in Perm

Expedicia Restaurant

If you're happy to splash out you'll find spectacular northern Russian cuisine served here, with wild game and local fish dishes highly recommended. There's also a banya, a hotel and a gift shop for those who want t…
Top Choice Bashkir in Ufa


An imaginative and modern take on Bashkir cuisine makes this one of the best dining choices in town. All dishes are beautifully presented and service comes with a smile. The entrée menu is particularity interesting …
Top Choice Russian in Yekaterinburg


Reinvented Russian classics served in rooms designed to depict a traditional Russian summer dacha. Both the food and wine menus are extensive and the restaurant's house-made pâtés (pashtet in Russian) are definitely…
Russian in Perm

Permskaya Kukhnya

You can try Bashkir, Tatar, Russian and Finno-Ugric cuisine at this quirky and newly refurbished restaurant-museum. The manager is passionate about sharing his love for regional cuisine and might pop over to see wha…
Georgian in Yekaterinburg

Khmeli Suneli

This large Georgian restaurant has a relaxed feel and is currently the best of its ilk in Yekaterinburg, serving a large range of soups, salads, fish and red-meat dishes and delicious shashlyk.
Russian in Yekaterinburg

Pelmeni Club

There's a great variety of pelmeni here, but what makes this restaurant stand out is the fact that you can learn to make your own. There is a second location on ul Lunacharskogo 82.
Russian in Yekaterinburg

Cafe Kuznya

A fascinating cafe with wooden interiors crafted by one woodwork artist – Alexander Andreevich Lysyakov – and his students. The menu spans all the Russian classics with no surprises.
Balkan in Perm

Grill Taverna Montenegro

The trompe l’œil village fresco downstairs, upstairs pseudo-portico and outdoor terrace lend nice touches to this excellent restaurant. The Kalmyk lamb kebab is superbly grilled.
Russian in Perm

Pelmennaya No 2

Designed to depict a typical Russian dacha (summer countryhouse), Pelmennya No 2 is where the masses come for pelmeni (Russian-style dumplings stuffed with meat). There's a wide selection of the famous Russian dumpl…