Getting to Zyuratkul National Park

Getting to Zyuratkul National Park takes a little planning. Coming from Chelyabinsk, catch the bus to Satka and then a taxi to Zyuratkul. Travelling from west to east, get off the train at Berdyaush, take a taxi to Zyuratkul and then a taxi either back to Satka for the Chelyabinsk bus or to Berdyaush for the train.

Trains to Berdyaush

The main way from Ufa or Chelyabinsk into Zyuratkul National Park is by long-distance train to Berdyaush (Ufa R574, 5½ hours; Chelyabinsk, seats: R376 to R539, 3¾ hours). The town of Suleya (west of Berdyaush) is also an option.

Marshrutky Between Berdyaush & Satka

Marshrutky leave Berdyaush from the bus station (near the train station) and Satka from the main bus station (40 minutes) almost hourly every day.

Buses Between Satka & Chelyabinsk

At least four buses go daily to/from Chelyabinsk Severny bus station (R495, four hours).

Taxis to Lake Zyuratkul

There are no marshrutky or buses to the lake, so you need to take a taxi – the best springboard is Berdyaush, but Satka (off the main line) is also good. Taxis from either cost roughly R1500 and take about an hour.

Satka taxi companies Book an hour or more ahead for taxis to the lake.

Ecopark Zyuratkul This tourist base can book taxis for you (one way R1000 all up).

Taxis to Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha

Take a taxi from Alpaevsk to Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha and back (one way R250 to R300).