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Cultural & Theme Tours

Yekaterinburg City tour

City tour, including all must-see sights of Yekaterinburg: impressive city dam area, fascinating Memorial Church-on-the-blood, built on the place of the Romanov's family assassination in Ipatiev's house, "Black tulip" monument to the soldiers died in Afganistan and some samples of military machines. I will lead you to the most beautiful view to our river Isset, cozy Literary Corner and show you the place in the city, where you can see three different architecture styles from one point. And a lot of more interesting highlights of our city. You will love Yekaterinburg!Car tour can be completed with Europe-Asia borderline visit (+ 1 hour) or wooden Monastery of the Holy Royal Martyrs outside the city (+ 2-2,5 hours)
5 hours
Classes & Workshops

conducting a plein air visit the most beautiful places

We come to the most beautiful places of nature or architecture, choose the best angle for painting. I provide all the necessary material for writing: including easels, canvases, pastels, aprons, gum, etc.I tell in Detail how to build a model of the picture, how to choose the focus and angle of the object or landscape. And also about the amazing properties of oil pastels, the technique of its application and the properties of different bases of the canvas, because we draw not only on white but also on milk, green and even black canvases and even on special sandpaper.
2 hours
Outdoor Activities

Snowmobile tour to Shunut Mountain

Discover the mountains of Ural on this full-day tour of Shunut Mountain from Ekaterinburg on snowmobile. Visit the highest point of Central Ural Mountains and learn about the history, geology and wildlife of this stunning area in the Central Ural. Follow the narrative of your guide as you enjoy this comfortable coach tour.
10 hours
Multi-day & Extended Tours

Snowmobile tour to the Ural Buddhist temple

A snowmobile tour to the Bshad Sgrub Gling Buddhist temple. Two days and two night without internet – only you, nature and snowmobile. Your snowmobile tour starts from Pavda village, you’ll drive to temple for excursion with Lama. Tour rout passes through frozen streams and hunting trails. Enjoy the purity of the snowy mountains and become one with Ural's spectacular nature. Tour is fun and easy and offers only the best experience for individuals looking for a scenic ride and even first time riders! 
2 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Stone-cutting art of Ural

A tour for those who want to know about Ural stone-cutting and pottery! Visit the Museum of stone-cutting and jewelry art history; appreciate the mastery and finesse of the works. Here, you will be able to see a lot of jewels mined in the region. Then, go to the store where you can buy stone art and souvenirs to take home. After that, you will visit a clay workshop and find out about pottery. In the Urals, there are still families who practice pottery every day. You will be able to get acquainted with that interesting art and even take what you made with your hands home!
7 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

3-Hour City Tour of Yekaterinburg

On this tour, your guide will take you through the central streets of the city. You will see the statues of Ekaterinburg's founders and communist leaders, and also learn some local stories, legends and jokes related to them.
3 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

Taxi from Yekaterinburg airport Koltsovo to the city

Comfortable taxi transportation from Koltsovo Yekaterinburg airport to the place of your stay in Yekaterinburg. Courteous drivers and always on time. Direct contact with your driver from the moment your booking is confirmed. Flight monitoring, name board, waiting time and parking fees included.
2 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

Taxi from Yekaterinburg to the Koltsovo airport

Comfortable taxi transportation from the place of your stay in Yekaterinburg to the Koltsovo airport. Courteous drivers and always on time. Direct contact with your driver from the moment your booking is confirmed.
1 hour
Private & Custom Tours

House for Gospromural specialists by architect Moisei Ginzburg

Ekaterinburg has a lot of interesting constructivist buildings with beautiful facades. We concentrated our research field on the House projected by Moisei Ginzburg, a one of the most famous soviet architects of the short avant-garde's period in Soviet Union, and are ready on this example to share the many interesting stories about this lovely building and the life of its dwellers! Architect Le Corbusier was inspired by Unit F and created the famous Unité d'habitation in Marseille.
1.5 hours
Private & Custom Tours

Sverdlovsk: Rise and Fall of the Soviet Utopia

From the start of the Soviet Regime in 1920-s Sverdlovsk (Name of Yekaterinburg during the Soviet period) evolved from provincial town to significant military industrial juggernauth of the USSR. It became a showcase city of the Soviet Utopia in all its controversy. We will learn how the enthusiasm of the First years of Stalin's industrialisation affected the growth of Sverdlovsk, how the grand Soviet utopia was being brought to reality in various fields such as work, sports, culture, art, family, how it got along with people day-to-day life, and how this utopia got into crisis and came to an end..
4 hours