Hemmed in between the Barents Sea and the snow-covered hills around it, the fishing village of Teriberka is one of the most picturesque spots in Arctic Russia. With its skeletons of old boats on the shore, wooden cabins, empty shells of Soviet-era housing and a colourful seafront graveyard, this spot is easily accessed from Murmansk by car or by daily bus through spectacular Arctic scenery.

Explore the hills and the coastline, dip your toes in the frigid waters, marvel at the midnight sun during the brief summer or simply enjoy the solitude and your proximity to the world’s northernmost ocean. There are two main beaches – a sandy one right next to the village, and one covered in rocks and boulders that is a 5km trek or drive away.

Note that some of the wilderness near Teriberka falls under ZATOs (Zakrytiye Administrativo-Territorialnye Obrazovania; Closed Administrative-Territorial Formations).