Top Choice Russian in Suzdal


It is hidden inside a kitschy crafts market, but the place is a gem. Russian standards – bliny, shchi (cabbage soup), mushroom dishes and pickles – are prominently represented, but it is all the unusual (and rather …
International in Suzdal

Salmon & Coffee

Like its sister in Vladimir, Suzdal’s S&C is about the best place for an unhurried lunch or a cup of coffee. It is, however, much quainter, with lots of whitewashed wood interior aged to evoke the ‘Cherry Orchar…
Russian in Suzdal

Kvasnaya Izba

It is slightly out of the way, but it's worth an extra walk if you'd like to sample all kinds of kvas – Russia's traditional drink made of fermented rye bread. Flavours on offer include apple, thyme and blackcurrant…