Top Choice Food & Drinks in Historic Heart

Kupetz Eliseevs

This Style Moderne stunner is St Petersburg's most elegant grocery store, selling plenty of branded goods from blends of tea to caviar and handmade chocolates as well as delicious freshly baked breads, pastries and …
Food & Drinks in Smolny & Vosstaniya


This quirky shop sells honey, beeswax and even beekeeping outfits. You can sample many different flavours of honey (myod) from all over Russia, and there are also natural remedies, creams and teas made from beeswax …
Food & Drinks in Sennaya & Kolomna

Kosher Shop

Serving St Petersburg’s Jewish community, the Kosher Shop is conveniently located next to the Grand Choral Synagogue. Although its emphasis is on hard-to-find kosher food, the shop also sells some souvenirs (Jewish-…
Food & Drinks in Sennaya & Kolomna

Sennoy Market

Cheaper and less atmospheric than Kuznechny Market, Sennoy Market is also centrally located. You’ll find fruit and vegies, as well as freshly caught fish and fresh meat, which makes it a useful spot for self-caterer…
Food & Drinks in Sennaya & Kolomna

Mir Espresso

Come for the aroma and stay for the amazing coffee from all over the world. There are espresso machines and every type of coffee-maker and caffeine-related accessory.