Historic Building in Vyborg

Vyborg Castle

Rising stoutly from an islet in Vyborg Bay, this castle was built by the Swedes in 1293 when they first captured Karelia from Novgorod. Most of it now consists of 16th-century alterations. The castle contains a coup…
Historic Building in Strelna

Peter I’s Palace at Strelna

This is one of the first palaces that Peter the Great built out this way while supervising his far grander enterprise down the road. It has some well-furnished interiors with interesting exhibits, most notably a com…
Historic Building in Gatchina

Birch House

Built as a surprise present from Maria Fyodorovna to Paul I, the Birch House has a rough facade made of birch logs, but the interior is actually very refined, with a beautiful hardwood floor made from timber from ar…
Historic Building in Gatchina

Venus Pavilion

Down on the lake, the Venus Pavilion juts out into the water and has an elaborately painted interior.
Historic Site in Staraya Ladoga

Staraya Ladoga Fortress

Towards the southern end of the village, and with an excellent view along the river, the 7m-thick walls and stout towers of this fortress are slowly being rebuilt. Inside the grounds you’ll find the small stone St G…
Historic Building in Peterhof

Bath Building

Historic Building in Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo)

Grotto Pavilion

With a gorgeous location on the shore of the Great Pond, the Grotto Pavilion is sometimes used to host exhibits.
Historic Building in Historic Heart

Bolshoy Gostiny Dvor

One of the world’s first indoor shopping malls, the ‘Big Merchant Yard’ dates from between 1757 and 1785 and stretches 230m along Nevsky pr (its perimeter is more than 1km long). This Rastrelli creation is not as el…
Historic Building in Sennaya & Kolomna

Raskolnikov House

This innocuous house on the corner of Stolyarny per (called ‘S… lane’ in the book) is one of two possible locations of the attic apartment of Rodion Raskolnikov, protagonist of Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment. Tho…
Historic Building in Smolny & Vosstaniya

Smolny Institute

Built by Giacomo Quarenghi between 1806 and 1808 as a school for aristocratic girls, the Smolny Institute was thrust into the limelight in 1917 when it became the headquarters for the Bolshevik Central Committee and…