Top Choice Museum in Chita

Decembrist Museum

If you’re on the Decembrist trail through Siberia, this small but comprehensive museum is one of the best, though there’s not a word of English anywhere. It’s housed in the 18th-century Archangel Michael log church,…
Museum in Chita

Kuznetzov Regional Museum

The unexpectedly lively Kuznetzov Regional Museum is housed in an early-20th-century mansion. Here you’ll find some pretty interesting local exhibits, including a very thorough examination of the heritage and archit…
Museum in Ulan-Ude

Nature Museum

The Nature Museum has taxidermically stuffed animals and a scale model of Lake Baikal showing just how deep it is.
Museum in Ulan-Ude

Geological Museum

This museum displays rocks, crystals and ores from the shores of Lake Baikal as well as art (for sale) made using multihued grit, sand and pebbles.
Museum in Ulan-Ude

Khangalov Museum of Buryat History

Housed in a badly ageing Soviet-era structure, the historical museum charges per single-room floor; the best of these is Buddiyskoe Iskustvo (3rd floor), displaying thangkas, Buddhas and icons salvaged from Buryatiy…
Museum in Ulan-Ude

Ethnographic Museum

In a forest clearing 6km from central Ulan-Ude, this outdoor collection of local architecture plus some reconstructed burial mounds and the odd stone totem is worth the trip. It’s divided into seven areas, each devo…
Museum in Ulan-Ude

Ulan-Ude City Museum

Occupying the merchant’s house where imperial heir Nicholas II stayed in 1891, this small museum has exhibits examining Verkhneudinsk’s role in the tea and fur trades, the huge fairs that took place at the trading a…
Museum in Kyakhta

Kyakhta Museum

Kyakhta’s star attraction is its delightfully eccentric museum, perhaps rather comically dubbed the ‘Hermitage of the East’ by some overzealous locals. It’s certainly one of Siberia’s fullest museums with room after…
Museum in Aginskoe

Tsybikov Museum

Museum in Novoselenginsk

Decembrist Museum