Top Choice Russian in Solovetsky Islands


Don't let Izba's cutesy log-cabin-with-folky-embroidered-curtains interior fool you – this restaurant at Solovki Hotel serves the most sophisticated fare on the island, from cod poached in milk and expertly grilled …
Russian in Solovetsky Islands

Hotel Solo Cafe

Open to nonguests, this friendly hotel cafe serves inexpensive, tasty dishes from filled bliny (wheat pancakes) and grilled fish to hearty solyanka (a soup made from pickled vegetables and potato).
Cafe in Solovetsky Islands


This small, cosy cafe to the right of the Solovetsky Transfiguration Monastery serves fish soup that is usually made from that morning's catch, as well as a range of basic dishes.
Russian in Solovetsky Islands

Solovetskaya Sloboda Hotel Restaurant & Bar

Russia and European food is served in this unassuming restaurant and bar in the basement of the Solovetskaya Sloboda hotel.
Cafeteria in Solovetsky Islands

Kayut Kompania

This passable stolovaya (canteen) dishes up standard belly-liners.
Supermarket in Solovetsky Islands

Solovetsky Raipo

Signposted simply as ‘Produkty’ (Продукты), this is the island’s best-stocked grocery store. The noticeboard at the entrance has advertisements for local apartments for rent.