Top Choice Russian in Solovetsky Islands


Don't let Izba's cutesy log-cabin-with-folky-embroidered-curtains interior fool you – Solovki Hotel's restaurant serves the most sophisticated fare on the island, from cod poached in milk and expertly grilled meats …
Cafeteria in Solovetsky Islands

Kafe-Bar Kayut Kompania

The only nonhotel eatery is this passable stolovaya dishing up standard bellyliners.
Supermarket in Solovetsky Islands

Solovetsky Raipo

Marked simply ‘Produkty’ (Продукты), this is the island’s best-stocked grocery.
in Solovetsky Islands

Solovki Hotel Restaurant & Bar

Russian in Solovetsky Islands

Hotel Solo Cafe

Open to non-guests, this friendly cafe serves inexpensive, tasty dishes – from filled bliny and grilled fish to hearty solyanka (a soup from pickled vegetables and potato).