Notable Building in Severobaikalsk

Railway Station

The epicentre of SB’s world is a striking construction with a nostalgically stranded steam locomotive standing guard to the right. The sweeping architectural design of the brave-new-world station resembles a ski...

Museum in Bratsk

Angara Village

Some 12km from Tsentralny, this impressive open-air ethnographic museum contains a rare 17th-century wooden watchtower and buildings rescued from submerged old Bratsk. A series of shaman sites and Evenki chumy...

Museum in Severobaikalsk

BAM Museum

Having moved into larger premises, the town’s friendly museum has exhibits on BAM railway history (workers’ medals, grainy black-and-white photos, ‘old’ BAM tickets), some Buryat artefacts and a few mammoth...

Museum in Western BAM

Regional Museum

Nizhneangarsk's Regional Museum chases the history of the region back to the 17th century and includes several Evenki exhibits. The museum often hosts performances by the local Evenki folklore collective Sinilga,...

Museum in Western BAM

School Museum

The small, informal school museum in Baikalskoe has hands-on exhibits which tell the story of the village from the Stone Age to the seal hunts of the 20th century.

Landmark in Bratsk

Bratsk Dam

A ferro-concrete symbol of the USSR’s efforts to harness the might of Siberia’s natural assets, between 1967 and 1971 the Bratsk hydroelectric power station was the world’s largest single electricity producer....

Museum in Tayshet


Leaving Tayshet’s dusty/muddy streets and loco whistles, an interesting excursion is to neighbouring Biryusinsk, once a prosperous timber-processing town on the Trans-Sib. The local museum has some interesting...

Church in Severobaikalsk

God's Mother of Kazan Cathedral

A strange sight in a town built by Komsomol (Youth Communist League) enthusiasts, the town's new Orthodox church sports two impressive onion domes in gleaming gold and a monster chandelier inside. It stands just...

Museum in Tayshet

Regional Museum

To learn more about the town’s (dark) past visit the Regional Museum, where easily musterable local historians are desperate to tell foreigners their story. There are also some exhibits belonging to Tofalaria.