Top ChoiceTeahouse in Krasnoyarsk

Сhaynaya Yurta

Literally a yurt occupying a prime riverside spot next to the city’s best museum, this place celebrates the tea culture of Siberian nomads. Try Orlan Sagaan tea, which contains the sagaan-dalya (a ubiquitous East...

Coffee in Abakan

Travel Coffee

Surfboards that greet you at the entrance perhaps embody the ultimate travel dream one might conceive in a place that can’t be further removed from the nearest ocean. Great hot chocolate and cocoa, as well as...

Beer Hall in Krasnoyarsk

Zalech na Dno v Gamburg

A vast vaulted cellar contains a German biergarten with a Siberian twist. There is a good dozen German, Czech and Belgian beers on tap, which you can top up with wurst and sauerkraut, or – more experimentally –...

Coffee in Krasnoyarsk

Kofeynya Kultura

As the name suggests, this is a den of coffee nerds who see the dark brew as an agent of cultural revolution and who perpetually experiment with brewing techniques and equipment. Besides that, it is a pleasant...

Craft Beer in Krasnoyarsk


A few dozen brands of Russian and international beers, both draft and bottled, are on offer in this dim-lit bar with crypto-Maoist subtext ciphered in the decor. Zolotoy Yarlyk lager and Black Jack stout are...

Cafe in Krasnoyarsk


One of Krasnoyarsk’s classiest coffee houses has black-and-white photography, dark-wood furniture, a belt-stretching dessert menu and reasonably priced lattes and espressos.

Cafe in Abakan


Unusually big-windowed corner cafe with frilly lace curtains, proper European-style cafe chairs, the odd leathery bench and decent brews.