Top ChoiceNature Reserve in Krasnoyarsk

Stolby Nature Reserve

Russia's most visited national park is located right across the river from Krasnoyarsk's city centre. Its highlight are the fingers of volcanic rock called stolby poking above gently sloping wooded mountains. To...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Krasnoyarsk

Ploshchad Mira

Krasnoyarsk's Lenin museum was opened on the occasion of the October Revolution's 70th anniversary in 1987, only to see the entire communist system collapse four years later. But, in a true revolutionary spirit,...

Museum in Krasnoyarsk

Regional Museum

Housed in an incongruously attractive 1912 art nouveau Egyptian temple, this is one of Siberia’s better museums. Arranged around a Cossack explorer’s ship, surprisingly well-presented exhibitions across the two...

Museum in Minusinsk

Martyanov Museum

Filling three distinct buildings, the countless halls crammed with local taxidermy, Bronze and Iron Age finds, Tuvan and Khakass standing stones, traditional stringed instruments and shaggy shaman costumes just...

Dam in Sayanogorsk

Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam

Completed in 1985, this stunning feat of engineering blocks a beautiful forested canyon cut through the Sayan mountains by the mighty Yenisey. At 242m, the dam is the world's 17th tallest, and the hydropower...

Museum in Shushenskoe

Shushenskoe Ethnographic Museum

For the 1970 centenary of Lenin’s birth, a two-block area of the village centre was reconstructed to look as it had in 1870. These well-kept ‘old’ Siberian houses now form the Shushenskoe Ethnographic Museum....

Museum in Krasnoyarsk

Literature Museum

Occupying a glorious 1911 merchant’s mansion, this wonderfully restored museum highlights various aspects of Siberian life that inspired authors who wrote about it – from cold and gloom to multicoloured gems and...

Square in Krasnoyarsk

Revolution Square

The city's vast central square showcases Soviet-era architectural classics in all their Stalinist glory – complete with colonnaded government buildings and a statue of Lenin, who extends one hand as if inviting...

Museum in Abakan

Khakassia National Museum

The highlight at the National Museum is the atmospherically low-lit hall containing a striking exhibition dedicated to Khakassia’s wealth of standing stones. Curators have erected a kind of mini Stonehenge in the...

Notable Building in Krasnoyarsk

Chapel of Paraskeva Pyatnitsa

For some spectacular city views, climb Karaulnaya Hill (there's no bus) to the little chapel that features on the Russian 10-rouble banknote (now slowly being replaced with a coin). It was designed in 1855 by...

Museum in Krasnoyarsk

Surikov Art Museum

The cute Surikov Art Museum displays works by Russian 19th-century artist Ivan Surikov and his contemporaries. Its affiliate at ul Mira 12 houses a small but impressive collection of Russian vanguard art,...

Museum in Krasnoyarsk

SV Nikolai

Permanently docked below Ploshchad Mira art centre is the SV Nikolai, the ship that transported future revolution leader Vladimir Lenin to exile in Shushenskoe in 1897 and the future Tsar Nikolai II across the...

Church in Krasnoyarsk

Intercession Cathedral

This pleasingly small old church dating from 1795 has an interior of unusually glossed and intricately moulded stucco framing haloed saints.

Church in Krasnoyarsk Territory & Khakassia

Assumption Church

One of the most appealing of the surviving churches in Yeniseysk, with an unusual metal floor and splendid antique icons.

Zoo in Krasnoyarsk

Roev Ruchey Zoo

Take bus 50 or 50A to this animal-friendly zoo near the Bobrovy Log Ski Resort to see numerous Siberian species.

Museum in Krasnoyarsk Territory & Khakassia

Regional Museum

Yeniseysk boasts an unexpectedly good museum telling the story of Siberian merchants and their endeavours.

Museum in Krasnoyarsk Territory & Khakassia

Last Bow Museum

This interesting museum housed in a cottage-compound gives a taste of rural Siberian life.