Top ChoiceGeyser in Aktash

Geyser Lake

One of the more unusual sights along the Chusky Trakt is this sublime turquoise blue sulfur lake and geyser. This is no Yellowstone-style geyser erupting forth in drama; but it's a subtle charmer. Indiscreet...

Central Asian in Kosh-Agach


South of the centre on the Chuysky Trakt, Kazakh-run Yulduz is reputed to have the best laghman (thick noodle soup) in all of Altai along with manti (steamed, palm-sized dumplings) and its specialty Kazan Kebab...

Mosque in Kosh-Agach

Khazret Osman Mosque

When the call to prayer sounds from the wooden Khazret Osman Mosque, you'll feel every bit like you're in Central Asia.