Russia in detail

Travel with Children

Families planning to travel to Russia with their kids should have few problems, though there are a few things to note.

Baby changing rooms are uncommon, and you wouldn’t want to use many public toilets yourself, let alone change your baby’s nappy in them. Head back to your hotel or to a modern café or fast-food outlet where the toilets, while typically small, should be clean. Nappies, powdered milk and baby food are widely available except in very rural areas.

In all but the fanciest of restaurants children will be greeted with the warmest of welcomes. Some restaurants also have special children’s rooms with toys. Kids’ menus are uncommon, but you shouldn’t have much problem getting the little ones to guzzle bliny or bifshteks – a Russian-style hamburger served without bread, and often topped with a fried egg. Make sure you check whether the milk is pasteurised – outside major cities it often isn’t.

There’s no shortage of toyshops, but don’t expect to find many, if any, English-language publications for kids. In Moscow and St Petersburg there several restaurants with play sections for kids.

Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children contains useful advice on how to cope with kids on the road and what to bring to make things go more smoothly.