Notable Building in Severobaikalsk

Railway Station

The epicentre of SB’s world is a striking construction with a nostalgically stranded steam locomotive standing guard to the right. The sweeping architectural design of the brave-new-world station resembles a ski jum…
Museum in Severobaikalsk

BAM Museum

Having moved into larger premises, the town’s friendly museum has exhibits on BAM railway history (workers’ medals, grainy black-and-white photos, ‘old’ BAM tickets), some Buryat artefacts and a few mammoth bones. A…
Church in Severobaikalsk

God's Mother of Kazan Cathedral

A strange sight in a town built by Komsomol (Youth Communist League) enthusiasts, the town's new Orthodox church sports two impressive onion domes in gleaming gold and a monster chandelier inside. It stands just bey…