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Trinity Monastery of St Sergei

In 1340, St Sergei of Radonezh founded this monastery, which soon became the spiritual centre of Russian Orthodoxy. St Sergei was credited with providing mystic support to prince Dmitry Donskoy in his improbable vic…
Museum in Sergiev Posad


The Vestry, behind the Trinity Cathedral, displays the monastery’s extraordinarily rich treasury, bulging with 600 years of donations by the rich and powerful – tapestries, jewel-encrusted vestments, solid-gold chal…
Museum in Sergiev Posad

Toy Museum

Houses toys from throughout history and around the world. The museum has a particularly good collection of nesting dolls, as Sergiev Posad was the centre of matryoshka (nesting doll) production before the revolution…
Tomb in Sergiev Posad

Grave of Boris Godunov

Church in Sergiev Posad

Cathedral of the Assumption

The star-spangled Cathedral of the Assumption was modelled on the cathedral of the same name in the Moscow Kremlin. It was finished in 1585 with money left by Ivan the Terrible in a fit of remorse for killing his s…
Church in Sergiev Posad

Refectory Church of St Sergei

The huge block with the ‘wallpaper’ paint job is the Refectory Church of St Sergei, so called because it was once a dining hall for pilgrims. Now it’s the Assumption Cathedral’s winter counterpart, holding morning s…
Church in Sergiev Posad

Trinity Cathedral

Built in the 1420s, the squat, dark Trinity Cathedral is the heart of the Trinity Monastery. The tomb of St Sergei stands in the southeastern corner, where a memorial service for St Sergei goes on all day, every da…
Church in Sergiev Posad


Nearby, the resplendent Chapel-at-the-Well was built over a spring that is said to have appeared during the Polish siege. The five-tier baroque bell tower took 30 years to build in the 18th century, and once had 42…
Tower in Sergiev Posad

Bell Tower