There are 11 time zones in Russia; the standard time is calculated from Moscow, which is GMT/UTC plus three hours year-round. In 2011, Russia abandoned the summer time switch, so the gap with European neighbours increases by an hour in winter. The following table is based on the summer time.

Moscow, St Petersburg, Kaliningradnoon
Yekaterinburg & Tyumen2pm
Krasnoyarsk & Tuva4pm
Irkutsk & Ulan-Ude5pm
Vladivostok & Sydney7pm
Sakhalin region8pm
San Francisco2am
New York5am
Paris & Berlin11am
Riga, Kyiv, Helsinki & Minsknoon

Train Time

Right across Russia, timetables for long-distance trains are written according to Moscow time. The only exceptions are those for suburban services that run on local time – but not always, so double-check. Station clocks in most places are also set to Moscow time. We list how far ahead cities and towns are of Moscow time, eg Moscow +5hr, meaning five hours ahead of Moscow.