Cheryomushki is the gateway to a section of Shushensky Bor National Park (admission R30), centred around the Borus range, a popular hiking destination for local adventure tourists. Sayanogorsk taxis can bring you to Talovka visitors centre, from where trails lead to a couple of nice lakes, waterfalls and a mountain pass with a view of Borus. From Cheryomushki, it is a 3km walk along a trail that starts at the end of the bridge across the Yenisey. English-speaking Maria Zavorina, who works in the park, guides four- to six-hour treks to the main park sights. Many people come here to climb the Borus range, which requires overnighting in the valley below.

The popular Gladenkaya Ski Resort, 18km from Sayanogorsk, frequently hosts national skiing competitions. The signposted turn to Gladenkaya comes at Mayna, halfway between the bus station and Cheryomushki.


Sayanogorsk has an excellent large hotel 1.5km from the bus station, should you need to overnight here.


Cafe Toronto is a decent grill cafe. Hotel Sayanogorsk also has a nice restaurant.

Drinking & Nightlife

Cafes often double as bars in the evening.