Russian in Saratov

House of Culinary Zhulien

This cafeteria with loud colours sells inexpensive and decent ready-made dishes mostly by weight. Bakery Confectionist Zhulien sells Russian pastries that you can eat at stand-up tables on the premises.
Microbrewery in Saratov

Pivnoy Zavod

Beer brewed on the premises, sausages and other hearty fare are on the food and drinks menu here. Servings are not large, though – the Caucasian lamb sausage is quite decent. It also has fresh mors (juice from berri…
Russian in Saratov


This is a quintessential Saratovian cafe-restaurant themed on ‘Red Count’ Alexey Tolstoy’s version of Pinocchio. Beneath it, there is a basement cafe called Grass, decorated in green and with rural motifs.
Market in Saratov

Central Market

Head to the market for fresh fruit and art nouveau elegance.
Cafe in Saratov

Bakery Confectionist Zhulien

Delicious pastries at stand-up tables.