Top Choice Georgian in Samara

Cafe Puri

This warm, welcoming restaurant offers authentic Georgian food and wine to an adoring public. Evening reservations are a must. Here's the place to sample kuchmachi (chicken innards, and walnuts and pomegranate seeds…
Top Choice Russian in Samara

Staraya Kvartira

The ‘Old Flat’ is a total delight: a rabbit warren of tiny rooms all done up in peak Soviet-era kitsch. In keeping with the theme, the eclectic menu draws on old communist classics, such as the hamburger served with…
American in Samara

Cafe Benjamin

A pleasing Russian take on an American diner, chock full of cheery 1950s references and a menu that's strong on soups, salads, burgers and sandwiches. The 'Cobb' salad – with chicken breast, avocado and bacon – make…
Market in Samara

Troitsky Market

Stalls full of fresh fruit and veggies, and lots of fresh and smoked fish, as well as breads, meats and cheeses. Even if you're not buying, come here just to take in the piles of smoked fish on display.
Russian in Samara

U Palycha

This cellar restaurant is highly recommended for its Russian cuisine, including its pelmeni (Russian-style ravioli). There’s live Russian folk music on Thursday and Friday.
Russian in Samara


This is a good-value chain restaurant with rustic decor and relatively simple menu selections, such as pelmeni (Russian-style ravioli), pork and fried potatoes, and beef stew, at family-friendly prices.