Top Choice Pizza in Vladivostok

Mauro Gianvanni

This slick little brick-oven pizzeria – run by an Italian – has a modern interior, though most sit out on the deck when weather behaves. The dozen-plus pizzas are crispy and tasty, probably the best east of the Ural…
Top Choice Russian in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

San Marino

Back from a hard trek, San Marino is Petropavlovsk’s best splash for an excellent, exotic meal of Kamchatka crab, scallops, halibut and other delicacies. It all goes nicely with an frosty mug of Kamchatka beer (R120…
Top Choice Korean in Vladivostok


Staffed by female newcomers from North Korea who periodically break out in karaoke, this DPRK-sponsored establishment is just strange enough to be considered a must-visit. You can pick from a photo menu of excellent…
Top Choice Yakut in Yakutsk

Chochur Muran

In a wonderful Cossack-style lodge filled with antiques, massive moose heads and a few mammoth artefacts, Chochur Muran is a must-stop if you are heading out to the nearby Permafrost Kingdom. It’s the best place aro…
Russian in Vladivostok


This compact, long-running restaurant offers hearty and tasty Russian meals with a little for-the-tsars pomp. Most visitors come for the souvenir shop or a snack at the cafe.
Pizza in Vladivostok

Pizza M

Classier than its name might suggest, the M (next to Hotel Primorye) is one of Vlad’s coolest hang-outs, with two unique rooms setting their style sights higher than the humble slice. The pizzas are quite good.
Mongolian in Yakutsk


Known for its salad bar (R89 per 100 grams) and pick-and-watch-cook (then eat) Mongolian BBQ (R500 for one trip).
Japanese in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Nihon Mitai

Yuzhno’s favourite sushi spot is a bit out of the centre, but the stylish bamboo 2nd-floor dining room is good for soba noodles and ramen (R410 to R550) and picking from the sushi conveyor belt after 7pm (from R180 …
Indian in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Taj Mahal

Heavy inlaid wooden furniture and red tapestries set the stage for tasty chicken tikka massala, rich curries and fluffy naan bread.
Russian in Khabarovsk

Russky Restaurant

The kitsch factor at this Russian folk themed restaurant is high but the food is tasty. Feast on Siberian borsch, smoked halibut with pan-seared potatoes or grilled pork loin in one of two dining rooms – one decked …