Top ChoiceCafe in Pyatigorsk


On the upper floor an attractive 19th-century building beside the entrance to Park Tsvetnik, this cafe, which doubles as an art gallery, serves a good range of drinks and sweet treats. Enjoy the breeze and leafy...

Cafe in Rostov-on-Don

8 Zeryon

At the intersection of two leafy pedestrian lanes, you couldn't find a greener, more peaceful setting for this delightful espresso bar. The interior is graced with big windows and lovely flower-painted walls,...

Cocktail Bar in Sochi

Sea Zone

Just steps from the sand, Sea Zone is an enticingly upscale venue to relax in and savour the sunset. The covered terrace is tastefully furnished with dark wicker furniture and neutral-toned linens, or you can...

Bar in Pyatigorsk


This stylish bar and restaurant is named after the Siberian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, whose image adorns the interior, along with naked light bulbs, LP players mounted on the walls like installation art,...

Craft Beer in Rostov-on-Don

Kraft Bar

This little basement bar evokes a beer garden, while there is also seating on the shady pavement along Pushkinskaya ul. Take your pick from five house brews, two varieties of medovukha (honey ale) or a delicious...

Cafe in Krasnodar

Coffee Biblioteka

When we asked about the availability of wi-fi at this stylish cafe, the barista answered, 'We have a somewhat different concept…books.' Bibliophiles will be blissful in this book-filled setting (though we didn't...

Gay in Sochi

Cabaret Mayak

Perhaps Russia's most famous gay club, thanks to the massive media attention received during the 2014 Sochi Olympics, Club Mayak is now in a new location near the train station. Inside, drag queens and other...

Cafe in Pyatigorsk

Happy Coffee

There's live music at 7.30pm most nights in this pleasant cafe, which occupies part of an 1848-vintage building. The arty interior design includes a mini paper airship hanging from the ceiling. The offerings of...

Bar in Krasnodar

Pitcher Pub

Craft beer has arrived in the Russian provinces. Sample some of the local brews, such as Rose Bud (scented not with roses but with hibiscus), crafted right here in Krasnodar.

Bar in Elbrus Area

Kapitan Pit

The balcony in view of the ski mountain and Mt Donguzorun is a prime place to sink suds après-ski. They occasionally have live music.

Brewery in Sochi


Below the Winter Theatre, this large Czech-run brewery offers great views of the Black Sea alongside its own beers and grilled meats. The fried and flavoured dark bread makes a great accompaniment for the house...