International in Rostov-on-Don


This warm and welcoming wine bar offers a sophisticated menu with a French twist. Sample one of the delectable patés or steaming soups. The big leather booths are a comfy option, but in summertime it's hard to...

Cafe in Krasnodar


This bright cafe has big armchairs and even bigger windows overlooking Krasnaya ul. The menu is pretty wide-ranging – soups, sandwiches, pelmeni (Russian-style dumplings stuffed with meat), pizza, pasta. The warm...

Russian in Rostov-on-Don


Get your fix of pelmeni (Russian-style dumplings stuffed with meat) and vareniki (ravioli-like dumplings) and other Russian and Ukrainian favourites, all expertly prepared and presented. The bi-level setting is...

Burgers in Rostov-on-Don

Shtefan Burger

A speciality burger joint, named after the German chess whiz who supposedly invented the beefy sandwich. This cosy place offers a dozen unusual but tasty burgers (including fish, chicken and veggie options);...

Russian in Rostov-on-Don

Schneider Weisse Brauhaus

The interior of this German brewhouse offers an appealing blend of post-industrial chic and old-fashioned comfort. The menu ranges from hearty local dishes – many featuring local Don fish – to Bavarian specials...

Caucasian in Krasnodar

La Cabaña

This pleasant riverside cafe is a perfect perch for draining a few beers and watching the Kuban River pass patiently by. The menu features tasty shashlyk and salads, as well as other standard Russian fare. Take...

Russian in Krasnodar

Many Pelmeny

It's no secret what they do best at this cosy basement restaurant. You'll find more than a dozen varieties of the delicious dumpling, along with soups and salads and fresh-drawn beer. In summer months, there is...

Bakery in Rostov-on-Don

Bulochnaya No 5

It smells like heaven in this friendly little bakery and sweet shop, featuring loaves of freshly baked bread, piles of pastries and impressive sweet and savoury pies. It's worth sticking your nose in to get a...

Burgers in Krasnodar


This hipster burger joint is all about the irony, from the surprising burger options to the imagery on the wall (Bert and Ernie packing heat, for example). There are more burgers on the menu than seats in the joint.

Cafe in Starocherkasskaya

Cafe Starocherkassk

Set in attractive, leafy grounds, this friendly cafe is a perfect spot to pause for lunch or to wait for your bus. Traditional soups, salads and snacks are on the menu, as are several kinds of bottled beer and...

Seafood in Rostov-on-Don

Ryba Taverna

Opposite the river embankment, the aptly named 'Fish Tavern' is a casual place to sample some of the local bounty, including ukha (fish soup) and grilled fish. The interior feels like a chic but comfortable...

Cafe in Rostov-on-Don

Zolotoy Kolos

Mimicking the grand cafes of Old Europe, this sweet-treat haven is decked out with heavy drapes and chandeliers. It's a popular spot for families to grab a light lunch or to indulge in pastries, ice cream or...

Market in Rostov-on-Don

Central Market

Browse the tables piled high with fresh fruit and berries, dried fish and herbs and handmade brooms, not to mention eye glasses, shoes and anything else you might need.

Market in Krasnodar

Sennoy Bazaar

The lively local market offers a bounty of fresh produce and prepared foods for your picnic.