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Mt Elbrus

Mt Elbrus

The two peaks of Mt Elbrus – the western at 5642m and eastern at 5621m – bulge nearly 1000m above anything else in the vicinity. This volcanic cone has upper slopes reputedly coated in ice up to 200m thick;...

Top ChoiceRussian in Elbrus Area


Popular with climbers, this cafe is housed in a metallic cupola-shaped building and is decorated with photos from both Elbrus and Everest expeditions. Their minced-beef Elbrus cutlet (surrounded by a boiled-egg...

Mountain in Elbrus Area

Mt Cheget

Expert skiers relish the moguls, steeps and glades offered by this ski area on the south side of the Baksan Valley. The piste occupies the lower reaches of 3461m Mt Cheget (Mt Donguz-Orunbashi).

Russian in Elbrus Area

Cafe Elbrusiya

Squaddies from the nearby military base favour this place for its sizzling platters of beef and potatoes covered in melted cheese and enormous pizzas (big enough for two). The menu also has a wider than average...

Museum in Elbrus Area

Vladimir Vysotsky Alpine Museum

This small but interesting museum, 7km east of Cheget, is named after the Soviet-era singer-songwriter and actor Vladimir Vysotsky, who was a great fan of the Elbrus region. The museum's exhibits aren't...

Lake in Elbrus Area

Donguz-Orunkel Lake

From the top of Cheget’s lower chairlift, it’s about a one-hour walk around the side of the mountain to this lake. Check conditions before starting off (snow cover on the ground is likely until July) and enquire...

Sports & Outdoors in Elbrus Area

Elbrus Rental

All your equipment needs for climbing or skiing on Elbrus and other surrounding mountains are satisfied here. The gear is high quality and new.

Russian in Elbrus Area

Cafe Ai

This friendly cafe at the first chairlift stop on Mt Cheget serves tasty Russian and Caucasian dishes, as well as homemade wine (R100 a glass) and souvenir T-shirts. Look out for notices advertising guide...

Bar in Elbrus Area

Kapitan Pit

The balcony in view of the ski mountain and Mt Donguzorun is a prime place to sink suds après-ski. They occasionally have live music.

Sports & Outdoors in Elbrus Area

7 Summits Club

Just after the turn-off to Cheget on the way to Terskol, this well-stocked shop rents all manner of mountaineering and hiking gear.

Observatory in Elbrus Area


You'll spot this observatory from the Elbrus cable cars, but you can also hike here along a steep track from Terskol. It's a popular route for those preparing to summit Elbrus as they acclimatise to the higher...