Top Choice Mountain in Elbrus Area

Mt Elbrus

Mt Elbrus, enigmatically unusual with two peaks – the western at 5642m and eastern at 5621m – bulges nearly 1000m above anything else in the vicinity. This volcanic cone has upper slopes reputedly coated in ice up t…
Top Choice Museum in Black Sea Coast

Stalin's Dacha

Stalin's dacha, Zelenaya Roscha, dates from 1937. It is an amazing place, built to accommodate a small, private man who caused death and misery to millions of Russians. Tours are in Russian but the patriotic guides …
Top Choice Hot Springs in Kislovodsk

Narzan Gallery

This graceful, well-preserved 1850s building recalls the spa town of Bath, England. Inside, the rich, carbonic Narzan Spring bubbles up inside a glass dome and spits out nearly undrinkable water – both hot and cold …
Top Choice Mountain in Pyatigorsk

Mt Mashuk

There are various sites spread along the base of Mt Mashuk, some of which require long walks or a taxi to reach. Closer to the city centre, a cable car whisks you to the top of Mt Mashuk for a great panorama. The be…
Top Choice Museum in Krasnodar

Museum of Military Hardware

Located by the river in Victory Park (Парк Победы), this open-air museum's display of WWII tanks and rocket launchers conjures up images of Soviet-era military parades. Kids love to clamber all over the tanks.
Top Choice Notable Building in Kislovodsk

Narzan Baths

The eerie-looking Narzan Baths date from 1901 and could easily double as the setting for a horror film. Unfortunately, the baths have been closed for years. Fortunately, workers hammering away inside the building as…
Top Choice Public Art in Sochi

Lenin Mosaic

Try the 8m-high Lenin Mosaic, opposite Park Rivera, for a backdrop with a difference for your holiday photos. It was unveiled in 1980 to mark the 110th anniversary of the birth of the father of the Bolshevik Revolut…
Museum in Starocherkassk

Fortified House of Kondraty Bulavin

Near the western end of ul Sovetskaya stands the fortified house of Kondraty Bulavin, the Cossack rebel leader during the Peasant War (1707–09). Bulavin lived and died in this solid stone house with 1m-thick walls, …
Museum in Starocherkassk

Ataman Palace

Once the living quarters of the Cossack chiefs, the Ataman Palace is home to an exhibition that traces the development of Don Cossack culture from the 16th century to the present day. Exhibits include an impressive …
Museum in Elbrus Area

Vladimir Vysotsky Alpine Museum

This small but interesting museum is named after the Soviet-era singer-songwriter and actor Vladimir Vysotsky, who was a great fan of the Elbrus region. The museum's exhibits aren't exclusively devoted to Vysotsky, …