Russian in Rostov-Veliky

Russkoye Podvorye

What claims to be a ‘medieval Russian’ menu is essentially a fresh and intelligent take on Russian cuisine as it was before mayo and potatoes. Mushrooms, turnips and more unusual ingredients feature in inventive dis…
International in Rostov-Veliky


Hidden down a signed archway across from the kremlin is this cool little cafe with a chilled-out vibe and a large menu featuring Russian dishes, pizza, pastas, soups and salads (as well as omelettes and porridge for…
Georgian in Rostov-Veliky

Café Alaverdy

This is a simple Georgian eatery that makes khachapuri cheese pies, khinkali (dumplings) and tolma (stuffed vine leaves) like they do it back home. When we visited the restaurant had just moved into this new locatio…