Checking flights...


For the two-hour flight from Rostov to Moscow, Aeroflot has flights into Sheremetyevo (from R6500, six daily), while Rossiya Airlines flies into Vnukovo (from R5000, two daily). Rossiya also flies to St Petersburg (R8000, 2½ hours) once a day.


Don Tour runs teplokhody (passenger boats) to Starocherkasskaya at 9am on Saturday and Sunday from May to October, returning to Rostov at 5pm (round-trip R740 to R790).


From the bus station, buses go to Krasnodar (R600, three to five hours, hourly) and Volgograd (R1300, six hours, eight daily), as well as longer-distance buses to Astrakhan (R1650, 13 hours, one daily) and and Moscow (R1200 to R1500, 15 hours, four daily). Private express buses also serve these destinations.


Numerous trains pass through Rostov’s main train station, chugging north to Moscow (kupe R4200, 15 to 25 hours) and south to Sochi (kupe R2000 to R2500, 7½ to 12 hours) via Krasnodar (R1600 to R2800, three to five hours).

Elektrichki (suburban trains) also trundle to Krasnodar (3¼ hours, two daily) from the local train station, 200m south of the main train station.