Steak in Smolny & Vosstaniya


On the top floor of the Leningrad Centre, Blok aims to dazzle with big, bold artworks, a sculptural chandelier running down the glass-covered ceiling, and two terraces with sweeping skyline views. None of this detra…
Steak in Arbat & Khamovniki


When Voronezh first opened, foodies couldn't stop talking about how a classy new restaurant in the capital was named after a provincial town. Bold move by esteemed chef Alexander Rapoport. The fact is that Voronezh …
Steak in Kremlin & Kitay Gorod

Ryby Net

If you don't get the name, which means 'No Fish', the sides of beef hanging in the window should give you a clue. This is where you come to get your carnivore on. Steaks are prepared from top-quality marbled meat an…
Steak in Sennaya & Kolomna

Stroganoff Steak House

Beef lovers can indulge their habit at this 12,000-sq-metre restaurant, the city’s biggest. Thanks to clever design, though, it doesn’t feel overwhelmingly large or impersonal, with the huge space divided into six s…
Steak in Volgograd

Bar & Grill

Cosy, welcoming steakhouse, situated at the front of a theatre building on central pl Pavshikh Bortsov. Choose from a mouthwatering list of grilled steaks and seafood. In addition to expensive cuts of beef, there ar…
Steak in Gorno-Altaisk


Hidden away in the basement of a shopping mall is Gorno-Altaisk's best restaurant. As the name suggests it's all about big hunks of meat here and whether you go for a steak or a kebab it's all unusually well cooked …
Steak in Arkhangelsk

El Fuego

This Argentinian-style restaurant provides top-notch dining for the discerning carnivore. An exemplary steak menu that ranges from tender veal to Kobe rib-eye, and chefs of international calibre, make for a special …
Steak in Magadan

Torro Grill

Pricey but definitely one of the smartest places in town, this large, upscale grill is easily one of Magadan's best places for a meal or a drink. As well as good steaks, they have a huge wine list, burgers, salads, …
Steak in Novosibirsk

Goodman Steak House

There's a busy, British-style pub atmosphere at the Goodman Steak House. Although plenty of people stop by after work for just a beer, it's renowned for having some of the best steaks in the city, as well as other p…
Steak in Murmansk

Steak House Torro

This elegant restaurant is a favourite with visiting businessmen and anyone with a carnivorous inclination. A special occasion treat if you’ve got roubles to spend, with the meat expertly prepared.