Top Choice Central Asian in Astrakhan


This is the ideal spot to sample the diverse cuisines of the Caspian Sea region. Choose from traditional Azeri, Persian, Kazakh and Russian dishes, starting off with a 'Tsar's fish soup', then dabbling with baked la…
Top Choice Uzbek in Lake Manzherok

Chaynaya Sinyukha

The freshly prepared Uzbek cuisine here is some of the best food in Altai, and well worth stopping for if heading south on the Chuysky Trakt. The manti (Uzbek dumplings), dusted with paprika, are particularly good, …
Uzbek in Tverskoy & Novoslobodsky


This place opened in 1951 by order of the Ministry of Trade of the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. Six decades later, the place has expanded its menu to include Chinese, Arabic and Azeri food, in addition to the Uz…
Uzbek in Saratov

Chaikhana Uzbechka

A charming spot to sample the Central Asian cuisines of the former Soviet Union, including Uzbek, Tajik and Kazakh national dishes. There are big plates of grilled meats, plenty of fresh-baked bread, and salad plate…
Central Asian in Sennaya & Kolomna


Despite the somewhat kitschy decor, Karavan is a superb Central Asian restaurant with a lovely location overlooking the Fontanka River. Open grills line the dining room, giving an optimum view (and scent) of the keb…
Uzbek in Ulan-Ude

Chay Khana

This high-perched Uzbek restaurant has a triangular cushion-scattered dining space, trendy oriental fabrics and a menu of exotic plov, grilled meats and imaginative salads. But it’s the spectacular views of UU and t…
Central Asian in Novosibirsk


With a warm, relaxed atmosphere and a creatively decorated dining room, it's no wonder that this central restaurant, which serves up an exotic flavour of Central Asia (although there's a fair few Russian staples as …
Uzbek in Meshchansky & Basmanny


Sitting amid plush pillows and woven tapestries, you’ll feel like a sheik in this extravagantly decorated restaurant. Feast on plov (rice mixed with lamb and vegetables), shashlyk (meat kebabs) and other Uzbek speci…
Uzbek in Yekaterinburg


Yekaterinburg has several of these inexpensive Uzbek restaurants, all with young staff attired in Uzbek caps serving delicious Uzbek specialities. Manti (steamed, palm-sized dumplings), soups, sausages and shashlyk …
Central Asian in Arkhangelsk


Spice alert in provincial Russia! This laid-back Central Asian–themed restaurant, part of a chain, serves plov (meat and rice, pilaf style), kutab (stuffed flatbread), grilled meat and good noodles.