Top Choice Cafe in Krasnoyarsk

Gastropub Tolsty Kray

While its English-teacher, expat and traveller clientele, wired castle-themed cellar setting, suitably international menu, provide good enough reason to drop in at this Anglophone sanctuary, this great cafe also giv…
Top Choice Cafe in Murmansk


Don't let yourself be blinded by the in-your-face lime-green and neon-orange decor – this cafe serves some of the most imaginative food in town. Feast on the likes of crab cutlets with ginger rice, roast leg of lamb…
Top Choice Cafe in Presnya


The entire menu at Stolle is excellent, but the pirogi (pies) are irresistible. A ‘stolle’ is a traditional Saxon Christmas cake: the selection of sweets and savouries sits on the counter, fresh from the oven. It ma…
Top Choice Cafe in Astrakhan


This canteen-style place is the eatery of choice for local office workers, and for good reason: the food is well prepared, the atmosphere is convivial and you feel far from the bustle of the busy street outside. Ord…
Top Choice Cafe in Tomsk

Coffee House Leto Café

One-half of a bright yellow building that also contains a decent sushi restaurant, Bamboo (Бамбук). Sunny and bright and features food with hard-to-get ingredients such as pumpkin, pesto and real feta cheese. Also d…
Top Choice Cafe in Novosibirsk


This upmarket stolovaya (canteen) is popular for a reason – hip and cool with groovy tunes and piping hot Russian staples like bliny (pancakes) and borsht at dirt-cheap prices. They even have beer on tap (from R80).
Top Choice Cafe in Volgograd


A cosy cafe that offers everything you might want, be it a large meal or a light snack, tea, coffee or one of the many alcoholic beverages on the menu. It’s good for breakfast, lunch and especially a predawn chill-o…
Top Choice Pizza in Vladivostok

Mauro Gianvanni

This slick little brick-oven pizzeria – run by an Italian – has a modern interior, though most sit out on the deck when weather behaves. The dozen-plus pizzas are crispy and tasty, probably the best east of the Ural…
Top Choice Cafe in Gorno-Altaisk

Travellers Coffee

This blossoming travel-themed Siberian chain is a welcome addition to Gorno-Altaisk's staid food scene. Well-priced breakfasts, the best coffee in the republic, Russian staples and light bites.
Top Choice Cafe in Kazan

Art Café

At first glance Art Café appears deceptively formal but in spirit it's a relaxed and quite informal hang-out both night and day. Expect Russian and international favourites.